Faith is one of the most important things that we can have. The faith to stand up when everyone else is sitting. The faith to love who we want to love, The faith to believe in a God that people have turned there backs to. I see all that is going on in the world i don’t know anymore what is real and what is not. everyone always telling us to not listen to this person or this channel I feel like there is falsehood all around me and all I can do is have Faith in the God I serve that what ever is going on in the world today is his will like when the Hebrew where freed from out of bondage. So this is my Prayer

Dear ABBA,
I come to you with my heart humble with a low esteem to ask you that you come into my life that you guide me in the path of righteous. I pray that you heal those that are broken, that you free those that are locked away and that you bring together family and love one that are divided. I pray that my friend makes a safe trip on to Korea with no problems I pray that she is blessed behind her own belief. I pray that prison walls be open for my my friend and that he be set free, I also pray that God continue to grow in him and use him for great things. I pray that the world come to know GOd the way he wanted us to know him. I pray that we all find unconditional love
IN the name of the Farther, The Son and The Holy Spirit



This is a short story about a girl and a boy.   back a few years ago i meet this couple that from afar seem like they have everything going good. communication seen to be on track and the guy well he seem to take care of the women. A few years past and  that images start to corrupt. They no longer where adults in relationships but two children.  The boy he didn’t know how to stop breaking  her toys  one piece after another.  Well she was no better She didn’t know how to stop fixing the toys that he broke.  It seem that the once great relationship I thought i was looking at was full of mistreatment and  lonelness.  it was also full of lies and judgments.    I offend wander about them two did they make it or did they both grow up.  I don’t talk with them anymore so there no way for me to know But I pray that they grew up and started thinking about their children more.

The reason i wanted to tell this short story was because sometime life is not perfect  we make mistakes  and we have to ask forgiveness. we can’t lie to the world when YHWH(God) knows us. why do we where about what people think or will say that shouldn’t be important, what should be important is the way we care ourselves.  we should always want the best for eachother and for the children we bring into the world. it’s not about you anymore.


So soon America will have a New President.  This has been the most interested debate and Presidental run I have seen in my life.  I pray that who ever become President does the will of YHWH(GOD).  I can’t believe that it is almost November and  Then soon it will be 2017. It will be interesting to see what 2017 will bring us.  Any thoughts???    what are some of your hopes for the future? what does YHWH say about the future?


Shabbat Shalom

I pray that everyone Shabbat is wonderful and peaceful.

YHWH   I praise you all the days of my life, I thank you for Yahushua.  I ask that the Holy Spirit guide my steps each and everyday.

Abba Farther Humble I come to you and I ask that you forgive me of my sins that i have commit in though presents. I was to be washed clean.  I Pray for those that our struggling right now in their life  weather personal, finicially, or spiritual.  I ask that you shine that light so that I may reflect light and nothing else. I ask that when I should be quiet that you would teach me to humble myself. Iask for strength to get through each day with hope and love. In the name of the Farther,the Son and the Holy Spirit.


This life style change

I have to say  am very surprise that this change is not coming so easy for me. I am all about change. But for some reason  this new change is not work as fast as i would have hope. I keep wanting to look at the scale and see 10 pound lose  even 5 pounds i would be happy with but all i am seeing is 1 pound and up and down.  I am a scale person I love weighting myself.  I did it twice a day once in the morning and right before i go to bed.  I keep thinking this should be nothing I have done this before with no problem  of course I had the green smoothie which where a big encouragement for me to be healthy.  At the end of the day  I want to be one of those 50,60.70 year old one who goes walking and exercise and  people come up to me and ask me how i look so good at my age.

I can’t wait to get back in the gym i really miss going but right now  i don’t have the money to go.   I do what i call bathroom work out for know.   I love fruit and veggies so i eat alot of those I am determine to make the change i need in my life am not giving up i feel like i have been doing that my whole life giving up on myself. Not today and not know or ever YHWH Gave me a gift and i plan on usng it. YHWH wake me up this morning and I plan on being thankful for everything  he has done for me. Yahushua  in preparing a kingdom for me and I will show that i am worthy to be in the present. I will fight til the day i die to be a better person.

walking blindly

To be honest am just here not sure what am write about everything going on in the world sadden me.   So much evil going on and I don’t think either side realize it’s the devil. It’s like when you are younger and your told to stay about from some crowds,  well it’s the company you keep not  all of it is good. some of it is entertained my evil. Sometime I wander how no one else can do it. Is it being blind or is it ingorance. Why don’t we see the signs that YHWH gives us. are we so caught up on what we want to be right about, that we can’t see how YHWH use us.  We can’t see the doors that have been open to us.

Do you ever just sit back and  think about  all the time you have gotten away with something and you  thought deep down what am i learning from this. Accountiblity is something that is very important, But sad thing is not everyone thinks that did anything  wrong. I just hope that people would come into the truth and seek YHWH &Yahusha with all their heart that the Holy Spirit dwell and guide us.

Dear ABBA,

Please I lift  you up and praise your name all the days of my life.  I thank you for the life that you have given me, I thank you for walking me up, I thank you for trials and turbulations, I thank you for teaching how to walk in your likeness, I thank you for so much YHWH with out you there would be no life.   I Pray for those around me that seek your comfort,peace, love and happiness and also that your will be done.

YHWH I ask that you continue to teach me your ways so that i may walk in your light sometime i get weary but i ask for your strength.

In the name of the farther, the son and the holy spirit.


Judgement Day


So do you ever think of the day that Yahusha returns and we go home to YHWH?

you hear the saying live like your dying?   well why don’t  you live like judgement day is coming upon us right now. everytime you think about doing something  we think wait today may just be that day that YHWH warned us about. Let us remove ourselves from the evil of this world. Let not get caught in it’s net.

I think we must trust in YHWH and he will heal our land and our homes.  I see how the world is  sex out side of married is fine, oral sex is fine, homosexual fine, lying fine not of these things according to the Word of YHWH are fine but we all commitment sins but we are children of the most high and can be delivered from sin.  The kingdom is in us not in a building of wood and stone. We  the people are the body of Yahusha.