Happy Mother’s Day Spotlight for today is Jessica Laur

Jessica Laur  one of  those mom that make it all seem easy. She is the super mom of them all she is such an amazing person and inspiraes eveyone that she come in contact with.  when you think something is impossible Jessica show you that faith and trust  will carry you though life.  She answered the 3 questions I Had i hope you enjoy reading.

Being a mom is the greatest gift on earth. My children inspire me to be the best person I can be. 2. The biggest challenge being a mom is honestly just questioning if I’m doing all I can do to raise kind, loving, smart, and strong children. Sometimes I question if I’m doing a good job as a Mommy and it’s the moments I have the opportunity to witness their empathy and compassion for others where I’m just so proud to be their Mama and can tell myself that I/we are doing something right! 3. I hope my children learn that success isn’t handed to you. You work hard for what you want and to make your dreams come true. Whether through education and/or experience, work ethic, persistence, integrity, and belief in their abilities is what will take them far. Above all else, I hope they learn that love and beauty is everywhere. In a crazy world, there is still so much beauty and so much to be grateful for.


Spotlight Precious Starr Celebrating Mother’s

precious - 44






1. Being a mother is life changing, you have a human that take full responsibility for, you want to make that child’s life as furfilling as possible and there is never a dull moment but very rewarding!!

2. Challenges include making sure you are being a proper role model even when you are still learning yourself.

3. I hope my child learns how to be a free spirit like my self and truly understand that the sky is the limit and God will guide her every step of the way.

Day 2 of the Mother Day Celebration Spotlighting Chrissie Decker Lange

56-IMG_01511I just recently got to meet Chrissie and I can tell you that she is one of the sweet and beautifulest  people I have ever meet and it was an honor to have be apart of my project. I can’t wait to work with her more. But more then that I hope that some of that good spirit that she has brushes off on me. She is an amazing women.   These are her answers to the 3 questions I asked.

1. It’s been the hardest yet the most full filling role I’ve ever had. One minute you’re exhausted and crying the next you’re filled with love awe and pride for that little human you’ve been blessed with.
2. Challenges I’ve been faced with… every stage of a childs life brings new challenges for a Mom. I can’t say one was harder then the next. And my 3 children are so different from one another. I guess my biggest challenge is teaching them to not become bitter humans but to live positively and love themselves.
3. I hope they learn that living you’r life as your authentic self and trusting in your internal is a so important. Do what you love set goals reach them and set higher ones. Smash those glass ceilings. It’s never too late to start anything. Give the universe your absolute best and you will be rewarded. Remember to love and not judge. Those are just a few things I hope they learn from me.

The 7 days of Celebrating Mom Spotlight today is Lindsey Sterner


Lindsey Sterner

1. I never imagined being a mom. I didn’t really want to be one until I was. It has been an amazing experience right from being able to feel her moving inside my body. I can’t believe I could love someone so much & have them love me back even more. It is so hard sometimes but I wouldn’t change it.
2. It’s challenging knowing she will learn attitudes & feelings mostly from me, being that I raise her on my own. Sometimes I worry if I’m making the right choices. I want to make sure she can experience everything so we go a lot of places & try a lot of things.
3. I hope she learns to just be herself & find what makes her happy. I can only help her try things like dancing, singing, sports, painting, etc, and then let her pick what she loves most. I’ll be there to support anything she chooses that will make her a better human.
I also hope she learns to be strong. The whole cancer thing really made me see that she is one amazing tiny person.



back to my passion

Cynthia Shantel Photography I am back to what I love to do beside cook which is photography. I took sometime away from it and know am back here is some of my images i wanted to share with you all.



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