Faith is one of the most important things that we can have. The faith to stand up when everyone else is sitting. The faith to love who we want to love, The faith to believe in a God that people have turned there backs to. I see all that is going on in the world i don’t know anymore what is real and what is not. everyone always telling us to not listen to this person or this channel I feel like there is falsehood all around me and all I can do is have Faith in the God I serve that what ever is going on in the world today is his will like when the Hebrew where freed from out of bondage. So this is my Prayer

Dear ABBA,
I come to you with my heart humble with a low esteem to ask you that you come into my life that you guide me in the path of righteous. I pray that you heal those that are broken, that you free those that are locked away and that you bring together family and love one that are divided. I pray that my friend makes a safe trip on to Korea with no problems I pray that she is blessed behind her own belief. I pray that prison walls be open for my my friend and that he be set free, I also pray that God continue to grow in him and use him for great things. I pray that the world come to know GOd the way he wanted us to know him. I pray that we all find unconditional love
IN the name of the Farther, The Son and The Holy Spirit



This is a short story about a girl and a boy.   back a few years ago i meet this couple that from afar seem like they have everything going good. communication seen to be on track and the guy well he seem to take care of the women. A few years past and  that images start to corrupt. They no longer where adults in relationships but two children.  The boy he didn’t know how to stop breaking  her toys  one piece after another.  Well she was no better She didn’t know how to stop fixing the toys that he broke.  It seem that the once great relationship I thought i was looking at was full of mistreatment and  lonelness.  it was also full of lies and judgments.    I offend wander about them two did they make it or did they both grow up.  I don’t talk with them anymore so there no way for me to know But I pray that they grew up and started thinking about their children more.

The reason i wanted to tell this short story was because sometime life is not perfect  we make mistakes  and we have to ask forgiveness. we can’t lie to the world when YHWH(God) knows us. why do we where about what people think or will say that shouldn’t be important, what should be important is the way we care ourselves.  we should always want the best for eachother and for the children we bring into the world. it’s not about you anymore.

MY New Body Scrub

This are some of my first homemade body scrubs I was so happy that they turned out so good. had my skin soft for a week. I can’t wait to make more.

Looking to eat healthier

Find Peace

My teacher in my  Loss,Grief and Coping classes said something that has really made me think about the life that am living and how i want to die. she said “we die the way we lived”  That we should make peace know and not on our death bed.  That on the death bed people go through a review of their life.

So it made me think am I living in a way that I can die with peace and be happy. that I won’t have regrets and feel sorrow. Would I be able to die and know that i did eveything right.   that I would look back on my life and think if only i did that or this. have  I learn to be abased and abound. have i care for my brothers and sisters the way that YHWH has created me to.

I would just say if you have children know that you are a truly blessed person and we are here to help them not to bring the weight of the world on their shoulder.  Communicate with your children let them know you care and you believe them and in them.  Children are abused all the time and the worst thing that can happen is when  no one believe them. Or abandon them because they  don’t want to see the truth.   You are your  children heros  and we must do better by the children of this world.  If we rise up children in the way they should go  think about how much better this world would be. no matter how old your children get they  will always need you. children became  Adults. children are like seeds in a pot and we the parents teacher and guidance are the care taker of that child.

The Journey beings

Hey there how is every one I hope well and blessed. I am so excited to be starting my journey down this path tomorrow when i get up i will be running to the store to get all my needs for this month.  I will also  do my weight in and measurement tomorrow. I want to share with you all my ups and down and what i notice have change since I started this journey i hope you will walk with me on this journey.  I know I will have some challenges it’s life  you have to expect them to happen.  when I first started this journey I weighted 257  This is me getting back on track So tomorrow morning I will be giving you all my New weight.  I had gotten down  to 235 But I gained  10 pounds back.

So know am back on track and planning to stay climbing this mountain until  I get to the top of that mountain. I am tried of always giving up on myself. I want to finish something I start.



Meet and Greet: 9/3/16

great idea

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend!!

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