25 Things About Me



1.I am an Isrealite I service the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob

I am a sinner who needs Repentance
2. I fight with my spirit and flesh all the time
3. I have gain 40 pounds in a year
4. I want to lose the weight and more get down to be healthy
5. I want to be more spiritual less in the flesh I want to mediate more then i do
6. I use to smoke alot
7. If I am wrong I am wrong. there is no right in being wrong.
8. I like to think everything that i go throw in my life is my testiomony my journey to YHWH
9. under my wigs I wear is a girl finding her roots
10. I want to stop eating meat all together
11. I am sorry to anyone that I have ever Hurt I hope you can forgive me
12. I am coming to learn I am a flirt
13. I love long island Ice tea
14. YHWH has blessed me and Cured me But I am happy to be called a child of YHWH
15. I have been sucide in my past but YHWH has shown me the light
16. i love encouarging others to have there owe business
17. I love kids and would like to have some not sure about the marry thing or even the serious relationships I am working on all that in my life
18. I wish to find that one place that I can stay in and say I have been here for 5 years and continue
But at the same time I like moving around am like a nomad or something.
19.I want to start my owe business that will grow and i can have partners in my business and not just workers
20. I am praying to get started in school and finish
21. I am scared of success
22. i am scared of not being good enough
23. YHWH will always be in my life no matter where I am in my life
24. with YHWH there is always forgivness
25. I pray for all people every night and I always wish everyone the best because I dont want anything but the best for people and that is spiritual mental and phyical.