Happy Mother’s Day Spotlight for today is Jessica Laur

Jessica Laur  one of  those mom that make it all seem easy. She is the super mom of them all she is such an amazing person and inspiraes eveyone that she come in contact with.  when you think something is impossible Jessica show you that faith and trust  will carry you though life.  She answered the 3 questions I Had i hope you enjoy reading.

Being a mom is the greatest gift on earth. My children inspire me to be the best person I can be. 2. The biggest challenge being a mom is honestly just questioning if I’m doing all I can do to raise kind, loving, smart, and strong children. Sometimes I question if I’m doing a good job as a Mommy and it’s the moments I have the opportunity to witness their empathy and compassion for others where I’m just so proud to be their Mama and can tell myself that I/we are doing something right! 3. I hope my children learn that success isn’t handed to you. You work hard for what you want and to make your dreams come true. Whether through education and/or experience, work ethic, persistence, integrity, and belief in their abilities is what will take them far. Above all else, I hope they learn that love and beauty is everywhere. In a crazy world, there is still so much beauty and so much to be grateful for.


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