The 7 days of Celebrating Mom Spotlight today is Lindsey Sterner


Lindsey Sterner

1. I never imagined being a mom. I didn’t really want to be one until I was. It has been an amazing experience right from being able to feel her moving inside my body. I can’t believe I could love someone so much & have them love me back even more. It is so hard sometimes but I wouldn’t change it.
2. It’s challenging knowing she will learn attitudes & feelings mostly from me, being that I raise her on my own. Sometimes I worry if I’m making the right choices. I want to make sure she can experience everything so we go a lot of places & try a lot of things.
3. I hope she learns to just be herself & find what makes her happy. I can only help her try things like dancing, singing, sports, painting, etc, and then let her pick what she loves most. I’ll be there to support anything she chooses that will make her a better human.
I also hope she learns to be strong. The whole cancer thing really made me see that she is one amazing tiny person.




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