Faith is one of the most important things that we can have. The faith to stand up when everyone else is sitting. The faith to love who we want to love, The faith to believe in a God that people have turned there backs to. I see all that is going on in the world i don’t know anymore what is real and what is not. everyone always telling us to not listen to this person or this channel I feel like there is falsehood all around me and all I can do is have Faith in the God I serve that what ever is going on in the world today is his will like when the Hebrew where freed from out of bondage. So this is my Prayer

Dear ABBA,
I come to you with my heart humble with a low esteem to ask you that you come into my life that you guide me in the path of righteous. I pray that you heal those that are broken, that you free those that are locked away and that you bring together family and love one that are divided. I pray that my friend makes a safe trip on to Korea with no problems I pray that she is blessed behind her own belief. I pray that prison walls be open for my my friend and that he be set free, I also pray that God continue to grow in him and use him for great things. I pray that the world come to know GOd the way he wanted us to know him. I pray that we all find unconditional love
IN the name of the Farther, The Son and The Holy Spirit


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