That special person

I meet him about a month or so ago. I feel like i have know him my whole life. He hold this special place in my heart. I’m not sure where this road we are on is leading us. I love him he become an important friend will there be more am not sure but either way he will always be someone i will love. Am not sure why i feel so connected to him, I have my theory of why. But mostly because God put us in eachother life. I thank him for that because no matter what happens i have this friend who will always be in my life even with time n space well always come back to this place. Well be friends forever n ever. He’s not perfect he has his own load to carry but i want to help him support the load to remove it one item at a time. I want him to see that love is the best gift a person can give and recieve and when that love is not base on conditional or expectations its an even greater love. Its freeing to the spirit and soul. 


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