Let his will be Done

Congrats to Donald Trump!!

Greeting I know it’s been sometime since I have wrote anything. Well Yesterday we find out the Donald Trump will be the Next President of The USA.  LIke many other we just have to wait and see what he really does know that he is in office.  will he build the bridge or burn in down like so many Presidents before him. For me this is all a Spiritual thing.  My only duty is to pray for those that are leader.

I am not a Register Vote and I feel that is my God giving right.  But  it is also my duty as a child of YHWH to  be humble to pray for the leaders.  All Authority is appointed by YHWH.  I give him all the praise.

I was looking at this thing about celebrity leaving if Trump became President well that is the crazyiest thing i have heard of  most celebrity already have home outside of the USA.   I keep up with everything that was going on and we have become a broken country. NO matter who would have won there will be trials before the blessing. So be patience and hopeful for ABBA  has something great awaiting us.


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