This is a short story about a girl and a boy.   back a few years ago i meet this couple that from afar seem like they have everything going good. communication seen to be on track and the guy well he seem to take care of the women. A few years past and  that images start to corrupt. They no longer where adults in relationships but two children.  The boy he didn’t know how to stop breaking  her toys  one piece after another.  Well she was no better She didn’t know how to stop fixing the toys that he broke.  It seem that the once great relationship I thought i was looking at was full of mistreatment and  lonelness.  it was also full of lies and judgments.    I offend wander about them two did they make it or did they both grow up.  I don’t talk with them anymore so there no way for me to know But I pray that they grew up and started thinking about their children more.

The reason i wanted to tell this short story was because sometime life is not perfect  we make mistakes  and we have to ask forgiveness. we can’t lie to the world when YHWH(God) knows us. why do we where about what people think or will say that shouldn’t be important, what should be important is the way we care ourselves.  we should always want the best for eachother and for the children we bring into the world. it’s not about you anymore.


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