This life style change

I have to say  am very surprise that this change is not coming so easy for me. I am all about change. But for some reason  this new change is not work as fast as i would have hope. I keep wanting to look at the scale and see 10 pound lose  even 5 pounds i would be happy with but all i am seeing is 1 pound and up and down.  I am a scale person I love weighting myself.  I did it twice a day once in the morning and right before i go to bed.  I keep thinking this should be nothing I have done this before with no problem  of course I had the green smoothie which where a big encouragement for me to be healthy.  At the end of the day  I want to be one of those 50,60.70 year old one who goes walking and exercise and  people come up to me and ask me how i look so good at my age.

I can’t wait to get back in the gym i really miss going but right now  i don’t have the money to go.   I do what i call bathroom work out for know.   I love fruit and veggies so i eat alot of those I am determine to make the change i need in my life am not giving up i feel like i have been doing that my whole life giving up on myself. Not today and not know or ever YHWH Gave me a gift and i plan on usng it. YHWH wake me up this morning and I plan on being thankful for everything  he has done for me. Yahushua  in preparing a kingdom for me and I will show that i am worthy to be in the present. I will fight til the day i die to be a better person.


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