walking blindly

To be honest am just here not sure what am write about everything going on in the world sadden me.   So much evil going on and I don’t think either side realize it’s the devil. It’s like when you are younger and your told to stay about from some crowds,  well it’s the company you keep not  all of it is good. some of it is entertained my evil. Sometime I wander how no one else can do it. Is it being blind or is it ingorance. Why don’t we see the signs that YHWH gives us. are we so caught up on what we want to be right about, that we can’t see how YHWH use us.  We can’t see the doors that have been open to us.

Do you ever just sit back and  think about  all the time you have gotten away with something and you  thought deep down what am i learning from this. Accountiblity is something that is very important, But sad thing is not everyone thinks that did anything  wrong. I just hope that people would come into the truth and seek YHWH &Yahusha with all their heart that the Holy Spirit dwell and guide us.

Dear ABBA,

Please I lift  you up and praise your name all the days of my life.  I thank you for the life that you have given me, I thank you for walking me up, I thank you for trials and turbulations, I thank you for teaching how to walk in your likeness, I thank you for so much YHWH with out you there would be no life.   I Pray for those around me that seek your comfort,peace, love and happiness and also that your will be done.

YHWH I ask that you continue to teach me your ways so that i may walk in your light sometime i get weary but i ask for your strength.

In the name of the farther, the son and the holy spirit.



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