The Journey beings

Hey there how is every one I hope well and blessed. I am so excited to be starting my journey down this path tomorrow when i get up i will be running to the store to get all my needs for this month.  I will also  do my weight in and measurement tomorrow. I want to share with you all my ups and down and what i notice have change since I started this journey i hope you will walk with me on this journey.  I know I will have some challenges it’s life  you have to expect them to happen.  when I first started this journey I weighted 257  This is me getting back on track So tomorrow morning I will be giving you all my New weight.  I had gotten down  to 235 But I gained  10 pounds back.

So know am back on track and planning to stay climbing this mountain until  I get to the top of that mountain. I am tried of always giving up on myself. I want to finish something I start.




8 thoughts on “The Journey beings

  1. Hi,
    I met you At Danny Ray’s blog party. You said to come walk with you, so here I am. I am also having a blog party this weekend. I would love for you to come.
    Nice to meet you.


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