Save me YHWH

So  glad to say that  am finally back in school, but am just not sure if i belong there, I have not even walk into my first class, but the thought   of being in school is overwhemling me it is really making me think twice about my decision to return to college. I offered ask myself why. But am not giving up or pulling in the towel yet. I do have goals and dreams and this for sure is something that am going to ask YHWH to help deliver me from. Because I don’t want to do anything that is not please to my ABBA.  YHWH is the most important to me. if it was not for Yahusha i would not be here  with this decision and the strength to carry on.

I have to wake up believe in myself YHWH made no mistakes. I was born different then other a bit strange at time, uneasy,blunt, brown skins and brown eyes, with women parts YHWH makes no mistake he made me who I am. So am going to use the tools that YHWH has given me to stay strong and positive but mostly to learn from the negativity that i throw on myself at time.  I am not looking for anyone to save me  But YHWH.

I offerd think of his warm arms comforting me when i need it most i offered think that he just may be right next to me with tears in his eyes too.  Show me that  their is strenghth in our weakness. I sometime close my eyes  and pray and I can feel him all around me.  I want to enjoy my time with YHWH I want to show Yahushua how thankful I am to him. through the guidance of the holy spirit i want to be lead up to that mountain and down through the valley.


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