Judgement Day


So do you ever think of the day that Yahusha returns and we go home to YHWH?

you hear the saying live like your dying?   well why don’t  you live like judgement day is coming upon us right now. everytime you think about doing something  we think wait today may just be that day that YHWH warned us about. Let us remove ourselves from the evil of this world. Let not get caught in it’s net.

I think we must trust in YHWH and he will heal our land and our homes.  I see how the world is  sex out side of married is fine, oral sex is fine, homosexual fine, lying fine not of these things according to the Word of YHWH are fine but we all commitment sins but we are children of the most high and can be delivered from sin.  The kingdom is in us not in a building of wood and stone. We  the people are the body of Yahusha.



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