The Heart of a Child

What is missing what seem to be the problem in this world today.  I think about the way i grow up.  My mom leaved us home alone  to work and my brother and I  me got into fights but where both still alive.  We didn’t have cell phone. I seen a child look like they where in the 1st grade with one am sorry i just don’t understand that. My mom spend so much time  with us i have so many memories of all that she did for my brother and me. Maybe she did all she could  because of my Dad being in and out of our lives after all he was taking care of two house holds at the sametime. But I remember growing up with both my folks and this is what I remember Bike rides with my mom and brother,  visiting my aunt and uncle every weekend for  sunday dinner. going school shopping, and every other holiday i can think of my mom always made us feel special. know when i was a child i didn’t see all she did i was to busy being depressed to really appreciate all my mom did.  My dad this is what I remember fighting with my mom and sisters because  he wanted us to all live in one house with his girlfriend, he always putting my baby brother on a thorn making it seem as if he was better then all  of us. well lift up his mom and putting down my mother. I can remember this  as far back as i can go maybe that why i ask for honest because  it was never hidden from me what my Dad did from him or the other adults in the situations.  I lived in a house that had mice  everyone always came before us. I remember  being able to ask my Dad for  money here and there but never really learning how to fish. When YHWH came into my life i was able to love  everyone even those who  hurt me. I stop looking at the world for love and look to YHWH.  I learned it not how people act toward me but how i react to them. I can always show peace and love no matter the situation. But I can’t stop people from precieving my love  the way they want to.  I believe what I believe  and that will not change it can grow but it won’t change. YHWH has been to wonderful to me. because of him I can sit next  next to all those that hurt me and can truly say I YHWH will be done.   Sometime I just like to reflect on the person i am in the mirror and who i am when i leave the mirror and if there is much different.

I don’t understand people who don’t think of what they are doing to their children.


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