When I am Covered.

when I am covered that is when I feel the most beautiful.   It’s not about me being oppressed. I hate for young girls to grow up and think there something wrong with  keeping one virginity til marriage or only allowing their husband to be the ones that see their body form. There nothing wrong with  a woman or a man not wanting to a part of this world. YHWH tell us  to  not to be conformed to the world but to be renewed by the tranforming of our minds.  How can we really change and be apart of YHWH world if we  keep on doing what man tells us  is okay.  Who would you rather serve YHWH or Man.  what reward do i have for serving man. NOTHING but things that broke and rust. But YHWH give the gift i everylasting life.   It’s not just the muslim girl or woman that wears the head covering.  I believe in YHWH, Yahusha and the holySpirt and I am a woman who keeps her hand covered. My beauty comes from the inside.  when people  look at me it’s not my appearance i want them to notice first But my character is what I want people to see.  The thing about the outter appearance is that  things go south we gain or lose weight. are skin change but the character we build normal stay the same the morals and value we care in life don’t change. unless we are the walking dead who have be awaking,Then are minds would go through a tranformation and a renewing. Praise Yahusha for without him I would not know today. 1-Photo on 7-15-16 at 1.50 PM1-Photo on 8-19-16 at 9.42 AM2-Photo on 8-19-16 at 9.42 AM #24-Photo on 8-12-16 at 8.07 PM #39-13256182_10101161318871485_3488500839834050112_n


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