YHWH is able to give Peace where their is War. Who can move mountain moves and Bring joy when sorrow is upon us.  I thank you YHWH for your love and always protecting me, especial from myself. I know I have not been the perfect child, I have done things in your sight  that am not to proud of but because of you I can humble myself  and grow from the journey that i have been on.

I have had my heart broken But YHWH has healed it. I have felt like i was in the middle of the ocean looking to be save, YHWH rescue me from the depts of the oceans. When  I didn’t think I had anymore life in me he gave me a new breath of life. YHWH has always been there.

I want that peace that passes all understanding. Let me get through every trial with strength through Yahusha. My Holy Spirit dwells with in me and am so glad that I was blessed with such a great gift.

My Prayer for the Morning

ABBA  I humbly come to you this morning with a weary heart for i see the direction we are heading in and I am low on hope for  the people who  still have not chosen to come to you. please  Help me be and encouragement in your word that people may see your love and grace. I pray for all my sisters and brothers who are waking up every morning to be more and more in your light and share the light. I cry out to you that your will be done in my life. I pray for those who  have lost hope and don’t know who they are. I pray that your spirit dwells within I thank you for always being there.



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