Do you think Accountability is something that is missing? When your taught to point and blame everyone else for your actions you lose the lesson in the matter.  What happens to us when  we can reflect at our ownselves and take the accountability of our parts in the story. I have learn that nothing is ever just a one way street, even when people think they did nothing wrong if they truly reflected they can find some accountability in themselves.  I understand that something we can’t control and for those the accountability we have is to become stronger people to stand up for what is right. To speak out to lead people down a road where they don’t fear the judgments of others but know that they are doing the right thing.

We must take on Accountability we must help eachother to build eachother up. If you are in the pits of life it’s because  you are not really reflecting on who you truly are no one is perfect we all make mistakes,But those mistakes can become learning lessons and tools that we carry through out life journey.  Just remember render  onto ceaser what is ceaser and unto YHWH what is YHWH.    Here is my Proclaim

I am taking control of my life  physical,emotional and spiritual I have 100% Accountability this road will be hard but very much worth it.  I will have peace and love in my life.  I will grow my finacial tree to a wealth that is comfortable for myself and those i love.  I will stand up when i want to set.  I will be me and humbly and respectly changing from the inside out.


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