What is Wrong

What is wrong with the World, doesn’t the world see that it’s going in the wrong direction.  Put are putting away praying hands, The shut the door to the strange that comes by for a helping hand. They no long teach the children the way they should go, so as the children get older there lost and unaware of what is really out there.  The cry out for help with no response only because they Forgot there heavenly ABBA, There bones are dry like  the dessert.  They wonder in the street in Captivity unaware of the path they are going down. The are hurgry  and never satisfy.

As I set here talking with YHWH My ABBA. I ask the questions why are we so blind or is it igorance and not being blind. do we make the decision to not to what YHWH has called us to do. Are we disobedient  because we make that choose everyday of our life. when really we can turn our lives around and trust in YHWH to guide us and protect us we can trust in the ourselves to do what is right and moral.  But most of all our trust in the Spirit that dwell within us.  Yahshua Came to save us and sinner we are who need the repentance of our sins. who need the change from the inside out.  There is a question we should ask ourselves anytime meeting people are they good for me do they edify me build me up or bring me down.



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