My walk with YHWH

As I get my Life back on track with my relationship with YHWH. I am seeing just how forgiving and merciful he is.The mystery of his love and wonder is pleasing to my heart, and for all that I have been throw no one can tell me there is no YHWH, because I know Different. I Have been Blessed with the Spirit of the Lord, and when I dont know how to Pray I go to the spirit for guidness and help… after all that is what YHWH gave us when his son died on the Cross for us. we know have a helper called the Holy Spirit. There is so much I want in my relationship with the Lord These are things I seek for in my daily walk.
1. peace, love, kindness, Joy,humility,Patience, the able to forgive as I have been forgiven
2. to examine myself to find out if I am in faith, to test myself
3. that i may get wisdom, understandng, revelation in the knowledge of him
enlightment that i may know what is the hope of hisi calling (eph 1:17)
4. to not grieve the Holy Spirit (eph 4:29)
5. To not decieve anyone with empty words (eph 5:6 )
6. To walk circumspectly not as a the fools (eph 5:15)
7.To work out my owe salvation with fear and trembling( Philppians 2:12)
8. Do things with out complaining and disputing that I may become blamess and harmless children of god with out fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse Generations
9. To be in the book of life
10. To be In heaven when the time comes
11. To be apart of the light for light reflects Light.
12. To confess my sin one to another
13. TO do the will of the YHWH
14. to be blessed and know it.



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