I need to do this(weight issues)

I am so over weight and I really want to lose this weight. But I have this issue with sticking with  things.  It’s as if I really don’t want to lose weight that am destroying my own path to better health. I believe that  in the end of the journey i will be happier,healthier both phyical and emotional.  But it’s staying on the Path.  am down 20lbs but as fat as i am i just don’t feel like that is enough. So this week I have made it a point to drink more water, and eat less.  I have been having some problems with swallowing.   so i was given a list of food not to eat and both my Doctors have said that want me to lose weight.  I am not following a diet just because i don’t want to diet. what ever I do i want it to be something i am going to do for a long time. I have already cut back on dairy,meat and processed food.  I  will be picking my smoothies back up next month i can’t wait am so excited. It seem like when i was doing my smoothie everything  was working right for me and i need that drive again i need something that will keep me motived to being health.  My Instragram page  is my Journey I have not been able to do any new post my cell phone is cut off at this time.   what are some of your favorite teas mine is Apple and cinnamon boiled, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Black Tea, and Lemon and honey boiled.  What has your weight lost journey been like for you what work and didn’t work.   My Next post will be my outline of what i was doing and what i will continue to do  to get back on track.


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