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4 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind. In many ways we think alike even though we are not of the same faith. I am Buddhist. Just one of the reasons is because it teaches us that it is who we are – the decisions we make – are things we alone are responsible for. We make the causes that creates the effects we get. We are not victims . Nothing “out there” does things to us that cause us to be unhappy. We do it to ourselves. But most people do not like being responsible for themselves. It is easier to say, “God wanted this bad thing to happen” or “God saved me or cured me” but left the person sitting next to you to die. It is not man made rules that make us better. It is the wisdom we acquire when we learn right from wrong. It is truly sad what so many in this world are doing, mostly coming from the so-called Christians who are trying politically to control the world. In America, how can people possibly say this is a Christian nation when so many millions of people who live here aren’t Christian, and most of those who say they are Christian do not even follow the teachings – treat people the way you want to be treated – love your neighbor as you love yourself and many more. They don’t practice faith. They think that just saying they are Christian is enough. Yes, there are some that do actually try, but I have met very few, because when I hear the garbage that comes out of their mouths, with racism against many different kinds of people, then they have no right to call themselves Christian. I write about this a lot on my other blog
    You keep doing what you are doing.


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